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Professor Balthazar

Professor Balthazar

Professor Balthazar is a nice scientist who handles the problems of his fellow-citizens with the help of his hurly-burlytron. But In fact, he solves problems by means of his imagination and a lot of positive energy. He is the main character from the famous animated series in which there is no violence and all the problems are solved in a humane and in the so called Balthazar way.

Professor Balthazar loves nature and all living beings, he fights for the right and against the evil, he is an ecologist, he promotes the knowledge, tollerance, peace and love, he is funny, imaginative, humble and unobtrusive, friendly and dedicated.




The series was originated between 1968 and 1972 in Zagreb (Zagreb school of animated films)

Authors: Zlatko Bourek, Zlatko Grgić, Boris Kolar, Tomica Simović, Ante Zaninović

Total of 38 animated films x 10 minutes

The first series: The Flying Fabian, Maestro Koko, Windy Story, Lighthouse Keeping, The Rise and Fall of Horatio, Martin Makes It to the Top, Of Mice and Ben, Arts and Flowers, Happiness For Two, Knitting Pretty, Victor’s-Egg-O-Mat, The Starlight Serenaders;

The second series: The Nightwatchman Must Fall, Bim Bam Bum, For Heaven’s Cake, Doctor Don’t Little, Somewhat over the rainbow?, Some Like It Hop, The Grave Little Tailor, Some Like It Cold, Bald Is Beautiful , Cloud and Clear, Stumble Bumps, Steeples are Funny, Snow Time For Comedy;

The third series: Water We Doing, Two Bees or Not Two Bees, Pirates and Lollipops, Lion’s Share, Maxol, Vanilla Monster, Cloudy With Brawstorms, Pepino Cicerone, Hat-On Flier, Tenderfeet Centipede, Mike on the Bike, You’re Fired, Big-Saw Puzzle.


Maestro Koko: SILVER LION, Venice 1969, SILVER HUGO, Chicago 1969.

Flying Fabian: DIPLOMA, Trst 1969, DIPLOMA, Gijon 1969, DIPLOMA, San Sebastian 1970.

Windy Story: MOLINILIO DE LA PLATA, Barcelona 1971, DIPLOMA, Gijon 1969, DIPLOMA, Triest 1969.

The Rise and Fall of Horatio: DIPLOMA, Mamaja 1970.

Martin Makes It to the Top: DIPLOMA, Mamaja 1970.

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